Business misadventure, MLM misfits


A few years ago, I met this woman at a networking event hosted by some close friends. We talk a little. I ask her name, occupation, family stuff, you know all those simple questions we ask when you first meet someone. She asked me the same. I told her my name is Lola, yes, I am married, no, I do not have kids, and I am a freelance writer. After a few minutes of conversing, we figured that her son is the brother in law to my brother in law. Did you get that? Yes, it is a twister. Anyway, after we figured that all out it really broke the ice. We starting sharing our family stories, hobbies, the latest book we read. Before the event was over, we had exchanged numbers and made a date to have lunch later that week.

During lunch, my new friend told me a little bit more about what she did. You know for work. That she was a business owner, an entrepreneur. In fact, she was better than just a small business owner was because she had a network of people ready to help, consult, and follow on her way to a better lifestyle. She explained how she just sold product that people already used at discounted price on an online store. That the network she works with sets the online store up for you and all you have to be get folks to buy from your store and collect your money. What can I say I like money? I asked how I could get started. Gleefully she gave me the hotel name, directions, and a date. Told me if I come to this invite only event, all my questions will be answer.

Eralda Itaj Miss Albania

I went to the event and sat through the orientation. It was during this time that they had a few supposedly self-made millionaire come up on stage and told their stories. Everyone had the same storyline. They started exactly where we are, sitting in a hotel conference room. Broke and depression, feeling inadequate because everyone had more stuff then they did. (Now that I am thinking back on this, they stood up on that stage and called a room full of people depress losers who should feel inadequate! How rude.) Wondering is this for real. Desperately trying to get out the the rut they had put themselves in working for the “man”. Not some MLM but what the heck is that?

After these inspirational moments then came the “lightening round”. In the lightening round they display different people assume income and financial growth. They also explain that business they were selling. For a small fee two hundred and fifty dollars, anyone in the room can start their very own business. The fee covered a custom website, unlimited support, display package, and material on how to sell and market your product so that you extract the maximum profit. They also encourage us after we got started to invite and tell all of our friends, family and associate. When anyone on the “team” made money so will we. As their recruiter, we will always share in their earnings. Including anyone that our team recruits for his or her own teams. Making the earning power unbound. Then after so many sales and recruits, you move up some ladder in the organization. Each potential profits exponentially more than before.

After all of this was explain, next came the meet and greet. Where my friend all excited and sure of herself ask if I was ready. I said to her, “ready for what?” In turn she promptly introduce me to her recruiter, a man name Lucifer. Should have known with a name like that he was something else. Lucifer ask me how I wanted to pay my fee. I politely declined and feigning an ailment. Went home to my husband. With my two hundred and fifty dollars in the bank.

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