Why I love MLM, How it saved our family


A few years ago, my family and I went through the some of the worst and best times of our lives. For about eighteen months, it felt like we were on a roller coaster. Filled with difficulties, twists and turns. In the small period, I found I was pregnant, after almost seven years of my husband and me trying. Yay! Right after that great news the company my husband had worked for, for twelve years, went under.

Yes, unbeknownst to the employees, the company was going through bankruptcy and had sold off all of its assists and had to liquidate. Let us see I shared the up, my pregnancy, the down, husband-losing job, now for the twists and turns. Here is the twist; I was offer a promotion in Sweden. Now the turn my husband’s father is sick. Real sick. His doctor said he cannot live on his own anymore and he had either to live with us or put him in a home. Of course, we decided he should live with us.

Now I know you are reading this like what does all of that have to do with multilevel marketing (MLM)? I am getting to that. As I said earlier, my father in law came to live with us because of his health issues. My father in law is like a business genius. He knows some much about operating a business and being successful. This ability has allowed him to become a very wealthy man. However, his belief in not coddling his sons means that he does not just give them money. Never has apparently. They always had to work. If you met my husbands or any of his eight brothers, you would think they came from a blue-collar family. Nothing about them screams wealth.

When my father in law discovered his son had lost his job, he gave him a proposition. One of his business is not doing as well as it should. Normally he would step in and take over but under the threat of his doctor he will or rather cannot intervene. Therefore, if my husband feels although he is able he can take the business over. If he can make it profitable in six months, he would sign it over to him. He explain to my husband that the business is a multilevel marketing company specifically Beachbody. It sells discounted products and services in his online warehouse store.

My husband has a master’s degree in computer engineer and bachelor degree in business management. An opportunity my father in law presented him seem like a perfect fit. My husband accepted the proposal from his father. Then he immediately ask if I would work with him, we could build the company up together. It may be a little easier on me now that I am pregnant and eventually will need time off this way when I am ready to return to work I can whenever I want. I have always wanted my own business. This was too good of an opportunity for me to pass up. I took a chance with my husband. The next week I gave my notice.

We were lucky that my father in law had hired great people for the management team. With a few tweaks and changes to our website and recruiting process. Our business was flourishing within four months. Each day we were averaging eighty-six new recruits. With the website makeover, our online sales grew four hundred percent. Which means that not only were the distributors recruiting great associates but also they were selling to high quality leads. It is for these that I love MLM. It help my family out during a trying time for us. Now my husband, father in law and I have time to spend with the new baby.

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